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We are here to help you with drug and alcohol challenges by providing a full range of services which address drug and alcohol addiction. We understand the difficulties you face and how they can affect your daily life, as well as your family. Schedule an appointment to begin your journey back to your life as it’s meant to be – without addiction.

Utah Drug and Alcohol is here to aid in your

recovery process

Stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, disability, obsession, fearful thoughts; Utah Drug and Alcohol is here to aid in your recovery process as you address all of the challenges you are facing.

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Our Services

We offer a variety of compassionate services to help you, and those around you, find solutions to all of life’s challenges.

There are many mental stressors and negative through processes that can be debilitating to individuals - making everyday living extremely...

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Drug abuse is an extremely serious condition, not only affecting the person themselves, but their personal relationships too. Addictions cause...

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Alcohol is a legal, controlled substance available for anyone to buy. This easy availability in comparison to other drugs and...

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We at Utah Drug and Alcohol are here to ensure that you and your family gain the necessary support for you and your loved one’s recovery.
No one needs to go through this challenge alone.

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    All of our therapists now offer both telemedicine (video) and in-person appointments – with no waitlists.
    We are also an in-network provider for most insurances.
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